My Free Weather

My Free Weather 2.35

Find out the weather forecast anywhere in the world


  • Very easy to read and use
  • Attractive and colourful interface
  • Tracks many different weather aspects


  • Not available for all cities and towns


The developer of My Free Weather is no longer providing support for the program. Although you can still download it, we can't guarantee that it will function correctly.

If you're planning to travel or just want the latest information on weather conditions in your local area, you'll need a decent weather tracker.

MyFreeWeather allows you to view the sky in any city in the world and track local weather. You can track a moving storm & weather patterns via satellite & radar although this can be painfully slow at updating. Naturally, you can also view daily and detailed forecasts, local time and date for any location worldwide, plus alerts for severe weather. To search, just enter the city and country and the program does the rest.

It's certainly a comprehensive weather tool - apart from all the aforementioned features, it also shows other information such as wind speed and direction, humidity and visibility, as well as a five-day forecast graphic with the maximum and minimum temperature. It would have been much better if the program was based on webcams pointing at the sky in each country because in reality, what you are seeing is a computer generated impression of what it should look like based on weather readings.

However, this is an attractive and detailed weather forecasts and tracker that provides all the info you'll need about any major location worldwide.

My Free Weather


My Free Weather 2.35

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