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My Free Weather

My Free Weather2.35

Find out the weather forecast anywhere in the world

The developer of My Free Weather is no longer providing support for the program. Although you can still download it, we can't guarantee that it will function correctly.If you're planning to travel or just want the latest information on weather...
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  • by Anonymous

    What weather?. Never did work as claimed, but worse, I'm unable to uninstall the program. I've tried the Microsoft uninstall through control panel, tried to just delete and send to re-cycle bin and two other programs which have deleted other programs for me in the past. I wanted to uninstall it and re-download the program to see if it will work the second time around. Pros: Nice graphics and a loMore

  • by Anonymous

    No Windows 7 Support?. The program works fine with WinXP but since I've upgraded to Win7 the graphics are all askew. I can figure it out because I used it before but that shouldn't be a requirement. I'm using the Aero graphics and don't want to revert backwards just to accomodate a particular program. Other than that, the program does a good job. Pros: Works well and seems fairly accurate. Cons: DMore